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Seven Rivers Cinema is a production company base in Almaty (Kazakhstan), founded by Olga Korotko

The company produced Bad Bad Winter , first feature movie of Olga Korotko which was selected for the Cannes 2018 - ACID Program.



A film by: Olga Korotko

Fiction - 84 min

Kazakhstan / France 2018

Tolganay Talgat

Marat Abishev

Zhalgas Zhangazin

Nurgul Alpysbayeva

Tair Magzumov


Image: Aigul Nurbulatova

Head film editor: Reza Serkanian
First version editor: Yerlan Aigozhinov
Sound: Ilya Gariyev
Production: Seven Rivers  (Kazakhstan)

Co-production : Overlap Films (France)
Language: Russian & Kazakh

Subtitles: English, French, Italian



Festival Selections / Awards

  • Cannes Film festival (Acid Cannes 2018)

  • Tirana Film festival 2018 (Albania)

  • Anchorage International Film Festival 2018 (United States)

  • Author Film Festival 2018 (Serbia)

  • Near Nazareth Festival (NNF) 2018 (Israel)

  • Clique Film Festival 2018 (Kazakhstan)

  • Overcome Film Festival 2018 (United States)

  • PUFF Film Festival Hong Kong 2019 (Hong Kong)

  • Diorama Film festival 2019 (India)

  • Jaipur International Film Festival 2019 (India)

    • WINNER - Welcome Regards,

    • WINNER - Green Rose Award for "The Film which gives Global Message"

  • VISIONARE 2019 (Germany)

  • Queens Worlds Film Festival 2019 (NY – United States)

    • WINNER - Best Feature Film

    • WINNER - Best Cinematography Feature

  • 42nd Internationale Grenzland-Filmtage 2019 (Germany)

  • 59th TIFF Agora Film Market

  • Beirut International Women Film Festival 2019 (Lebanon)

  • 48th Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival 2019 (Germany)

    • WINNER – Best feature film

  • Imagine India International Film Festival 2019 (Spain)

  • Capital City Film Festival 2019 (United States)

  • Sguardi Altrove Film Festival 2019 (Italy)

  • Bobritsa Film Festival 2019 (Ukraine)

    • WINNER – Feature Film

  • PORTO FEMME International Film Festival (Portugal)

    • WINNER – Special Mention Feature Film

  • Edera Film Festival 2019 (Italy)

    • WINNER - Audience Award​

  • Prishtina International Film Festival 2019 (Kosovo)

  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Quito 2019 (Ecuador)


2018 : Bad Bad Winter

Feature film
Cannes Film Festival (ACID 2018)

2017 : House of mothers
Director / Short film documentary

2015 : An ordinary person
Director, Scriptwriter / Short film

2015 : A date
Director, Scriptwriter / Short film

2013 : Dove on the roof
Director, Scriptwriter / Short film

(Studio Kazakhfilm)

2011 : Last five minutes
Actress & Sound / Short film Asian Film Academy

(Busan Festival – South Korea)

2011 : Forster-mother
Director, Scriptwriter / Short film documentary


Olga Korotko - Director.jpg



Olga Korotko made her first short films during her studies with the well-known Kazakh filmmaker Darezhan Omirbayev. She quickly obtained an international recognition and was selected for the Asian Film Academy program at the Busan Festival in South Korea. She continued her film studies at the New York Film Academy (2014-15) and then participated in Berlinale Talents Campus (Berlin Festival 2016).


Then, she obtained a Master Degree in filmmaking at the Zhurgenov National Academy of Fine Arts in Kazakhstan. Her first feature film Bad Bad Winter was presented as a world premiere at the Cannes Festival (ACID 2018).

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